Sleepwell Nova Scotia - Person with Insomnia Survey

After you have become familiar with Sleepwell Nova Scotia and its recommended resources and links, please take this brief survey

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How did you learn about Sleepwell? (check all that apply)

For treating insomnia, what have you already tried? (check all that apply)

How long have you been experiencing insomnia? (check the most appropriate)

Which sleep difficulties do you experience? (check all that apply)

What do you think is causing your sleep problem? (check all that apply)

After looking at the Sleepwell resources and suggested links, what you plan to do to improve your sleep?

Who have you spoken with about getting help for your sleep problem? (check all that apply)

Which of the following sources of CBTi have you tried in the past? (check all that apply)

What have you found to be most helpful in treating your sleep problem?